Our signature Matte Epoxy Finish is a thicker finish that is poured onto the wood in layers and fills in any cracks or holes making it ideal for reclaimed and live edge wood. The epoxy is a very hard and durable finish that completely seals the wood and prevents warping and cracking. It is completely safe for contact with food and has no VOC’s or harmful chemicals. This finish dries very slowly, thus giving it time to soak into the wood which brings out all the character and provides the strength and durability to last generations. It is completely impervious to water, moisture and alcohol making it an ideal finish for dining tables, coffee tables and bar tops.



Our Matte Urethane finish is a commercial grade urethane that is sprayed onto the wood in a state of the art finishing facility. It provides a hard protective coat that is impervious to water, alcohol, moisture and UV light. With the urethane finish, you will be able feel the natural texture, grain, and character of the wood surface. It is extremely durable and is ideal for protection on dining tables, coffee tables and other furniture.


Whether you're trying to match an existing piece, or just don’t see the exact colour you want, we can achieve almost any colour of stain. If choosing a custom stain, we recommended that you send us some pictures of what you are trying to match or the general range of colours you’re looking for. Then, we will make a few stain samples in that spectrum and adjust the colours until we achieve the exact colour you’re looking for. We will always do our very best to get a close match, but since wood is an organic material with natural variances, we cannot guarantee an exact match or replica.