Reclaimed Wood Continues To Rise In Popularity

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 Being a Kitchener restaurant furniture company making urban products made from reclaimed Canadian wood, we are passionate about what we do and are quickly seeing the popularity of what we do grow around the world.

Every year, roughly 35% of the wood cut for items like chairs, tables, floors, doors and stairs is wasted. However, with the word of and quality of work that reclaimed wood products are generating, we are more certain than ever that we can develop an increased sustainability-minded approach towards old wood.

Using reclaimed wood to build furniture has two great benefits: it fulfills a quickly-emerging trend for furniture and reduces the amount of waste of wood. In the United Kingdom alone, over 750,000 tonnes of wood is wasted each year.

Another feature that sells itself to buyers is the fact that no two pieces of reclaimed wood furniture are alike. Each piece comes from a different wood with its own history and markings – it’s part of what makes reclaimed wood so unique and desired.

In an article posted on Uloop that identified the top six millennial furniture trends, rustic furniture placed second. It states that millennials – especially those who have moved away from home – want the sentimental and rustic vibes from their past. You can simply look at the number of millennials who are using old barns for weddings as a prime example of growing popularity of rustic furniture and settings.

The quality of a custom-made piece of reclaimed wood furniture is unmatched. At Lush Woodcraft specifically, we ensure that each product is approved personally by our owner. The finish and sturdiness of reclaimed wood furniture products provides a beautiful, high-quality product that looks great in any home or restaurant.

Whether it’s a coffee table, barn-style door, stool, beam, countertop or something else you’re interested in, Lush Woodcraft is your #1 destination for reclaimed wood furniture!

Whether you’re looking for Guelph restaurant furniture or somewhere else across North America, we can help you. All of our products are made locally using Canadian wood to provide for customers all over the continent.

For more information on what we do or to place an order, contact us today!



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